How to Choose the Best Dog Food & Treats/Chews

Dogs are beautiful creatures who can become your best mate. They remain on your side, even if people leave you alone in trouble. Dogs make you smile and cuddle you when you feel low. If you want to live a joyous life, full of entertainment, and without worries, you only need to bring a cute furry pet in your home.

When this little pet can give you so much, why not try to make their lives healthy and happy? You need to give them a comfortable environment. Not to mention, you also need to give them the best dog food and treats so that they don’t face any health problems. But how can you pick the best food or treats for them? Read the article to know about the tips to choose the right food for your pup.

Tips to Choose the Best Dog Food or Treat

Consider Your Pups Age and Activity Level

Your dogs need several essential nutrients according to their energy level and nutritional needs. You can calculate their needs according to their development, regenerative status, movement, and age. The pup’s food is specifically formulated to help your pup in their certain life phases.

A young puppy needs more calories than an adult dog. Similarly, a lactating or pregnant pup also needs lots of nutrients and calories than a spayed canine. But as your dog starts growing, it is very important to put them on a balanced diet. Specifically, if you are trying to control your dog’s weight or cut their meals in half, you can look for some nutritious treats as meal replacements. In this manner, your dog will not feel hungry that often and the long-lasting treats will keep them full as well as entertained. Treats such as  Stuffed Gulled Sticks or Bully Sticks are great for any sized dog. These chews are rich in protein, supports healthy jaws, and will add necessary nutrients to your dog’s diet.

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Determine the Nutritional Needs

You need to consider the nutritional needs of your dog before bringing food or treats for them. Decide how many calories you can give to your dog. It is important not to forget to include additional sources of food in your dog’s diet instead of always feeding them a single calorie source; which might not be so diverse for your dogs health and quite boring for your dogs taste buds.

If you can see the waist and feel the ribs of your dog with your hand, this is a indication that your dog is in great shape. You want to be able to feel the ribs, but not visually see the ribs protruding as that is an indication they are underweight and likely malnourished. If the your dog is  heavier, you need to cut 10-25% of their calories intake for a month and follow up with a vet to re-examine.

Unfortunately, if your furry friend is weak, feed them food that can give 10-25% more calories along with some natural dog chews for snacking, and then check the difference. Feed them this way until they get into shape and become healthy once again; always make sure to consult a professional when assessing your dogs health. In case if you feed them more than their needs, it will only increase the calories count in their body, whether it is protein, sugar, or fat.

Choose Natural Ingredients in Food

Natural or organic food is necessary for your little furry friend. Don't get deceived with words such as "natural" on dog foods. Some food companies only use these words for show and have nothing else to back it up. Always check that the food you are picking meets the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) standards and manufactured in an FDA approved facility.

Moreover, opt for the foods that don’t contain any filler like colors, additives, and preservatives as it can only lead to health problems. If you are looking for the best dog food or treats & chews that are made of 100% grass-fed meat and completely natural, check out some quality treats and chews such as Gullet Products, Bully Products, and Pig Ears that your dog will absolutely enjoy. These treats are an amazing delicious and nutritious overload that can boost the overall health of your dog.

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Avoid Some Ingredients

 You need to avoid some ingredients, such as corn, wheat, cornmeal, and soy. Canines face trouble to digest these elements easily, and some pups are sensitive to them therefor making it difficult to process.

Additionally, some dogs have allergies or are extra sensitive in the tummies to certain foods and they will often get ill when they eat them. So, you need to avoid any foods & treats that contains those ingredients to better support your dogs health.

Look for Some Nutrients

Some foods are excellent for your dogs health because they have essential nutrients/ingredients that are natural and don’t have any harmful components. Millet, cocoa, barley, quinoa, oats, or 100% natural meats and are single-ingredients with no unhealthy garbage are a great example.

Moreover, look for the foods that contain Vitamin C and E, as they support your canine’s health. Likewise, the omega-3 fatty acid is great for your little furry companion.

If you are looking for healthy snacks and chews for your dog, options that are protein-rich, rawhide-free, support dental health, and that contain fully digestible ingredients is a great start to finding fitting foods and treats.


Find Genuine Meat Food

Dogs needs plenty of protein for energy and to have a successful developmental process in their growth/health. Dogs can get this from a genuine meet source but according to the AAFCO, sheep, pigs, goats, and bovine’s meat are best for dogs and puppies. So, making sure your puppy is getting all the protein necessary from these sources will be crucial to their health

It is good to consider that not every dog food & treat company is using ingredients containing 100% natural and premium meats; other healthy ingredients. This is why you need to pick a credible source with the means to back up the looks of a high quality product, the reviews of some happy doggos, and the approval of very happy dog owners. Bully Products are the most traditional dog treat for every type of breed and size pup; if your dog needs a sturdy and non-messy protein filled delicious treat, this is it. The best part is that Maxie Squad offers handmade, single-ingredient treats made of 100% natural ingredients. All our natural dog treat products are also  carefully manufactured in an FDA approved facility, which ensures the safety of your dog and a quality scrumptious treat.



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